13.10.2011  |  Events ocsadmin

Alnis Stakle exhibition at the Chelsea Art Museum (New York)

On Thursday October 14, an exhibition opened at the Chelsea Art Museum in New York to showcase the finalists of the Sony World Photography Awards, among which is the Latvian photographer and the member of the Gallery.Photographer.ru and the Agency.Photographer.ru, Alnis Stakle. He won the prestigious award in spring this year in the Architecture category for his series Lost: Paris.

Lost: Paris is a unique study of the psychological relationships between the human and the city. The photographer himself admitted that he did not try to capture a specific moment, event or place. He was looking for a new way of comprehending the urban environment.

The winners’ exhibition is being curated by Elisabeth Biondi, the former Visuals Editor of the New Yorker weekly publication and the chair of the judging committee of the SWPA 2011 competition.

The exhibition will run until November 5, further information can be found here.