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Igor Chursin

Igor Chursin is a photographer with 20 years of experience with works stored in galleries and private collections in the USA and Europe. He is the winner of Kiev and Moscow Advertising Festivals in “Advertising photo” nomination.

Group and personal exhibitions

2010 Contemporary Ukrainian Art , Perm , Russia
2008 The Last Workcamera Kasteel van Gaasbeek, Gaasbeek, Brussels
2008 Motherland , Fotomuseum, Winterthur, Switzerland
2007 All about WC ,Baltic Sea Cultural Centre , Gdansk
2207 Missisisi, Espacio Minimo Gallery, Madrid, Spain
2006 Krashenki, Deweer gallery, Otegem, Belgium
2006 Mature butter, RARE, New York
2005 Workcamera in Berlin , Deschler Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2003 Workcamera Boys, RARE, New York
2002 WC’show, Transit Gallery, Mechelen, Belgium
2002 Parental, Espacio Minimo Gallery, Madrid, Spain
2001 U lav mi-I lov u , Galerie in der BrotFabrik, Berlin, Germany
1999 L+K=l , 357 Forum, New York

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