27.07.2010  |  Events ocsadmin

Lyudmila Zinchenko at Gallery Photographer.ru, Moscow

Gallery Photographer.ru is pleased to present RAPPROCHEMENT. Moscow – Paris, an exhibition by Lyudmila Zinchenko, a twice awarded photographer of Silver Camera contest (Gran prix) and a professor lecturing Hand Printing course in Rodchenko Art School in Moscow. The exhibition is part of “France-Russia Year 2010” under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

Lyudmila Zinchenko is shooting with camera obscura and the pinhole camera (an apparatus without a lens, the role of which is performed by a small aperture). “The specific nature of the camera obscura is long exposures, lasting twenty to thirty seconds, so the camera is unable to record anything moving quickly. Because of this, it cuts out the transient, the fleeting. And so what remains on the film, going by the magical name of the ‘photosensitive surface,’ is the most important thing – the image” – says Lyudmila Zinchenko.

For more details about the exhibition please click here.