15.09.2011  |  Events ocsadmin

Lyudmila Zinchenko wins the Kandinsky Prize

Lyudmila Zinchenko, the artist of the agency and gallery Photographer.ru was shortlisted for the Kandinsky Prize; her series Raitsentr was nominated in the Project of the Year category.

“In recent years alcoholism in Russia has risen to the scale of a national disaster. This problem is particularly acute in the provinces, where people often drink because they have lost jobs and social support… District Centre (Rus. Raitsentr) is a well-known expression for a unit of administrative division in Russia, often a small town or village. In Russian the name sounds the same as “Centre of Paradise”…” (Lyudmila Zinchenko)

The project consists of 12 photographs, in the centre are portraits of the angels of the District Centre. They are alcoholics with blissful facial expressions and eyes closed, they are framed by the Openness of the District Centre. Dark landscapes taken at night, white snow, black distance and paths disappearing into the darkness. The photographs were taken at the District Centre of Peno in the Tver Region.

Andrey Luft, a photographer of the Photographer.ru agency was also nominated for the Prize in the Project of the Year category (The People’s Belarus series).

The exhibition of the nominees of the Kandinsky Prize will open today, September 15 at 19:00 at the Central House of Artists (3rd Floor, 10 Krymsky Val). The exhibition will run until October 7, for the full list of nominees please see the website of the Kandinsky Prize.