10.09.2013  |  Events ocsadmin

Rena Effendi’s Lecture “Poor Photography” in Photoplay

On the 16th of September Rena Effendi will read a lecture on “Poor photography” in Photoplay at 7 p.m.

“One should be able to recognize a bad photo before he or she could do a good one. When you watch a bad movie and see all weaknesses of the director, the scenarist and the acting, you learn to better understand and appreciate high cinematography. It is really hard for a person to recognize his own photos as poor. One’s mind is clouded with this “I’ve been there”, disoriented with emotions felt at the moment of shooting, one is mislead with information overload. It is impossible to surrender to some kind of artificial amnesia and forget it all, though it is necessary, if one wants to be impersonal in regard to his or her own shots. However, there are certain tricks that could help to recognize one’s own imperfection. During the lecture we will discuss bad, or poor photography, as well as how our mood, mind and emotional and mental state affect quality of shooting”.

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